The production range includes the following dimensions:

Rectangular sections width from 12 mm to 64 mm
thickness from 4 mm to 22 mm
Squares from 11 mm. to 22 mm.
Special profiles upon Customer request (trapezoid section, rounded edges, flats, etc…)

All items can be supplied both in bars and in coils. The latter, have a weight varying from 400 to 700 kg, an inner diameter of 800 mm and an outer diameter of 1400 mm.

Steel quality

With reference to steel quality, the usual production range foresees:

• non alloyed quality structural steel
• casehardening steel
• non alloyed quality hardening and tempering steel
• spring steel
• free cutting steel
• micro alloyed steel
• medium alloyed steel

On request, austenitic grain size (ASTM scale), steel purity and micro-inclusions control can be guaranteed.