METALLURGICA MARCORA guarantees top-quality products thanks to a process certified according to the UNI EN 9001 standard. Moreover, the special procedures and strict tests carried out on the products for the “automotive” sector have enabled the company to achieve the certification according to the ISO TS 16949 standard. The laboratory equipment, including non-destructive (Magnaflux) and mechanical tests, in combination with an optical spectrometer, enables METALLURGICA MARCORA to supply any kind of product certification such as: cast analysis, tensile strength and hardness tests.

With the aim to increase the accuracy of the quality control of products, METALLURGICA MARCORA has equipped its rolling mill train with a laser gauge for the continuous in-line dimensional control of the hot rolled sections.

Thanks to this equipment, METALLURGICA MARCORA is now able to keep the whole production monitored, in compliance with the dimensional requirements and tolerances requested by customers